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Some out of many beaches discover your own….

PLEASE be a good visitor, clean up after your stay at the beach (take your waste with you back to our bungalows). THANKS!

Playa Las Galeras

Also called "The Fisherman’s Beach", Playa Las Galeras is the main beach of Las Galeras. Centrally located at the end of the main road, you can't miss it!

You can easily buy fresh fish from there, directly from the sea. This is also the place to join a boat tour to other beaches and watch the whales (depending on season).

There is also a typical restaurant on this beach. You can have a drink of a fresh coconut or eat some tasty Dominican food.


Playa Rincon

This beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

Perfect for swimming, Playa Rincon is a long beach of white sand for 5 km, surrounded by coconut and almond trees.

There are different ways to come there:

  • By car: It’s recommended to have a Jeep or a SUV for this 35 min ride by road and dirt tracks.
  • By boat: From Las Galeras beach, you can find easily a fisherman who will take you there (20 minutes).
  • Walking/MountainBiking: This is one of the most spectacular excursions to do in Las Galeras. It's a 2 hour walk, between deserted beaches and tropical forest.
  • By Quad, 1h guided tour.

The beach also has some restaurants in which you can eat very good seafood Dominican style. Ask for their fresh "pan de coco", bread made with coconut.


Playa El Valle

This beach is located between the village of Samana and Las Galeras. You'll need a car to get there (Be careful after strong rain, you have to cross two usually quit creeks).

Defined by its name, el Valle (the Valley) is located between 2 mountains. The waves can be very big, depending on the season, and fantastic for surfing.

It is possible swim in the sea, but maybe better in the small river, ideal for children for example. Be careful because this beach has a lot of current and waves that can be dangerous.

Playa Colorada

This beach is close to Playa Rincon.

It's made up of 2 parts: one private (but you can swim there even if there are a lot of waves), and another totally wild and undeveloped one. No restaurants on this beach.

You can reach it by boat from Las Galeras, or by car on the way to Rincon.


Playita is just some walking minutes away from our bungalows. It is a very beautiful beach, where some individual travellers and Dominicans like to spend time together.

Different lagoons, coconuts everywhere, and a dominican bar where you can have fruit juices, beers etc...

Dom Rep 09 031

Playa Fronton

Playa Fronton is, for us, the most beautiful beach of Las Galeras.

You can reach it by boat from Las Galeras, or walking - but this is a 1,5 hours trek in the jungle. Don't forget your diving masks and snorkels; this beach is perfect for discovering fish and coral reef.

We suggest going to this beach early, because at 3 pm the sun does not hit the beach anymore, as there is a big mountain behind it.

Playa Madame

Playa Madame is a few kilometres away from Las Galeras downtown. You can get there by boat or walking 30 min in the tropical forest. This is a small beach, but totally natural. The lagoons are perfect for swimming and the sand is white and pink! You can also explore the caves (you need a pocket lamp).

No restaurant at this beach, so take your lunch with you!


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